Be a Millionaire Day

It's Be a Millionaire Day! Today is the perfect opportunity to dream big and imagine what life would be like as millionaire! While a million dollars may not be what it used to be, seeing a seven-figure number in your bank account is still considered a major financial milestone.

The first multi-millionaire in the United States was John Jacob Astor (1763 – 1848).
John Jacob Astor was a German-American business magnate, merchant and investor who was the first prominent member of the Astor family and the first multi-millionaire in the United States. He was the creator of the first trust in America.
He went to the United States following the American Revolutionary War and built a fur-trading empire that extended to the Great Lakes region and Canada, and later expanded into the American West and Pacific coast. He also got involved in smuggling opium. In the early 19th century he diversified into New York City real estate and later became a famed patron of the arts.

Nowdays the most wealthy people in the world:
- Carlos Slim Helu ($73 B )
- Bill Gates ($67 B)
- Amancio Ortega ($57 B )
- Warren Buffett ($53.5 B)
- Larry Ellison ($43 B)

There are many different ways to celebrate Be a Millionaire Day. Invest money in a savings account or stock portfolio, purchase a lottery ticket or go to a casino to try your luck!