International Joke Day

The 1st of July is celebrated as International Joke Day. This day is prominently for laugh out loud with your friends and dear ones.
This is a day that reminds us of value of laughter and the difference it can make to our lives.Jokes can put smiles in your day, and laughter is truly the best medicine.
International Joke Day is a funny festival day that invites sharing of funny jokes, humorous videos and delightful mails. It is believed that the concept of joke first originated in ancient Greece by Palamedes. He attainted fame for outwitting Odysseus before the Trojan War. A comedy club was first formed in 350 BC. That shows that humans have always enjoyed sharing jokes and having a good laugh. It is the basic nature of humans to swap jokes and witticisms and that what makes us different from animals.

Many people in the world are suffering from pain and sadness. Reasons may vary but it is definitely a painful sight to see suffering people. But on International Joke Day, we can spread a little cheer to not only our near and dear ones but also to the world at large. There is no better pleasure in this world than bringing a smile on someone’s face. It is not just charitable but also makes us feel good about ourselves. Cracking a joke or two, making funny faces, sharing mirthful videos, passing on jokes through email etc are just some of the things you can do on July 1.

We need to learn to laugh at life and ourselves a bit more.
They say laughter is contagious. The more you laugh, better are the chances of you contributing a bit to make world a better place. We all have problems and tension but a bit of laughter and sharing some light moments can greatly reduce our pain. Medical science proved that laughing helps you to fight off illnesses by boosting your immune system. Laughter can relieve stress, strengthen your immune system and diminish pain. It can also make you feel less lonely and more positive about yourself. And some even believe laughing actually burns calories! Plus, it’s totally free and anyone can do it!

On International Joke Day, let’s crack some funny jokes and make others feel better. Jokes will not only make you feel wonderful but will also help you medically and emotionally. And don’t forget the Japanese proverb, 'time spent laughing is time spent with God'.