Work Like a Dog Day

August 5 is Work Like A Dog Day, a little-known celebration for people who work particularly hard -- and a great opportunity for everybody else to thank them and recognize what they do. If you work like a dog, then this could be the one day of the year when everybody gets a chance to let you know how much they value what you do.

Dogs are tenacious little creatures. When they set their minds to a task, they rarely give up. Chances are you've noticed this tenacity yourself if you've ever had a little Fido try to bury something in your backyard. Work Like A Dog Day is therefore a great way to recognize people who set their minds to doing something and don't give up until they achieve it, regardless of what the task is. This isn't just about achievement, though. This is about acknowledging those people that might otherwise be ignored yet who would never give up with the task at hand.