Leon Day

Leon Day marks the half-way point from one Christmas to the next. LEON is NOEL, the French word for Christmas, spelled backwards. It is celebrated on June 25th, i.e. the turning point when Christmas begins to come closer on the calendar. It is 182.5 days before Christmas day. Leon Day is a time to begin thinking about ideas for homemade ornaments, creating gifts and decorations for the Christmas holiday.
If you suffered from financial stress then start saving money now and put it away for Christmas.
If you have too many gifts to buy or didn’t enjoy shopping for them then go buy one or two now. It’s easier and more fun when you don’t have a deadline staring you in the face.
You have more time to save. You have more time to be creative. You have more time to make gifts. So take advantage of Leon Day and take one step toward a happier holiday.