Smile Power Day

Celebrate Smile Power Day with a great smile. Smiling (even when you’re not happy) can help lift your mood and it helps everyone around you feel better.
Try smiling at someone you pass on the street or when you pick up your morning coffee. When you smile at another person you not only let them feel that they are wanted, accepted and appreciated, but that smile can also offer encouragement too. Smiles are contagious, so when you smile at another person, you pass all the wonderful benefits of smiling on to that person.

Smiling may not pay the rent or put food on the table. However, wearing a smile actually has some benefits of its own:
Experts say a smile can work magic, it can heal emotional pain, and it can remove physical pain.
Research has shown that smiling on a regular basis can relieve stress overtime as the body releases endorphins. Getting those few seconds of relaxation is not only therapeutic but can also help combat certain health complications associated with stress, such as high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease.
Smiling can make an individual appear more youthful, happy and all-around attractive. So, instead shelling out cash for the leading skin care products or cosmetics, residents can enhance their beauty free of charge with a smile.
For unknown reasons, smiling has the ability to improve an individual’s disposition, many agree. Give it a try for yourself. Smile for just five minutes today and witness the effect on your spirts.
A smile can be viewed as a gift that keeps on giving as it is oftentimes contagious. Once one person in the room smiles, it’s usually not too far long before another individual begins to don the same expression.
With the economic downturn and the looming budget cuts, many members of the community are doing their best just to stay afloat. Yet, residents looking for a financial break of some sorts should look no further. Smiling has several advantages and, at the end of the day, it will not hurt your pocketbook.

A smile is so powerful, it can:
Add years to your life
Improves relationships
In business, it sends a great client service message
Medically, it’s also easier to smile than to frown because a smile uses fewer muscles.
For the most part, people just like people that smile.
And, it’s something you can do that’s FREE!