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World Violin Day

World Violin day is celebrated on 13th of December every year. Just twelve days before Christmas. So, World Violin day is the Christmas Seasons celebrations as well that take place across the world and in these celebrations violin plays a very vital role. Also International Violin Day is celebrated...

World Violin Day

World Violin day is celebrated on 13th of December every year. Just twelve days before Christmas. So, World Violin day is the Christmas Seasons celebrations as well that take place across the world and in these celebrations violin plays a very vital role. Also International Violin Day is celebrated in the month of June on the 17th every year.

History of Violin

Violin is said to be one of the best instruments to play, though it is equally tough. Origin of violin was during the time of 9th century in Europe or rather Asia. No body actually knows as to who invented this instrument. Violin came into limelight in the fifteenth century in Italy where violins were made in the town of Cremona in northern Italy. Violin took almost 450 years to bring it in the form what it looks like today. I Violin is a sophisticated kind of string instrument. Violin has one musical bow as well as an arched stick where a string is strongly tied to its two ends. The string is separated by a bridge or loop. For enhancing its resonance, the primitive bow is placed in front of the mouth.

First Violinist of the world

Arnold Rosé the world's first violinist. Arnold Rosé was one of most renowned violinist of Europe. Arnold Rosé became heart of instrumental in Vienna for over half a century. Arnold Rosé e was born on 24th of October in the year 1863 in Romania. Arnold Rosé began his career at Leipzig Gewandhaus on the 30th day of October of 1879,
Arnold Rosé started it with Carl Reinecke. This proved to be the wonderful start of his career. On the 10th April in the year 1881, Arnold Rosé took part at the Goldmark Concerto held in Vienna accompanied by the Philharmonic under the supervision of Hans Richter. Then Arnold Rosé was appointed by Wilhelm Jahn. Wilhelm Jahn was the director of the Court (later State) Opera. He was working for the position of deputy concertmaster and the first soloist. Rose bid farewell to his life and music in the year 1946 on 25th of August. Arnod Rose was a great personality and an exceptional artist who enjoyed a golden career and was denied only the serene old age which was his right. Not only him but his daughter was also a Violinist.

In today's time Violin has become one of most popular instruments across the world. Today violin is not limited to the little peace that could be held with hands and supported be the chin but now it available in all sizes. Across the world there are concerts held by big violin Maestros who have their full orchestra that travels and entertain the people. High profile personalities come over to attend these concerts to enjoy the fiddling melodies and leaving them with the lovely remembrance of the melodies that fill the air with the fragrance of music leaving all speechless.

First Violin In The World

The first ever violin was made by Andrea Amati in 1555. He was also the most famous violin maker in the 16th century in Cremona, Italy. The news about him spread across the city and reaches the French King, who then ordered Amati to make violins for him.

Since then, Amati had also received disciples in wanting to learn how to make violins like him. Of all students he received, the most famous of them are Antonio Stradivari and Andrea Guarneri. His two students later become famous violin makers of 17th and 18th century, and with their antique violins still exists today, but in the range of millions of dollars.

While we know that Amati created the first ever violin in the world, it is also known that his violins were not the best ever made violin. His violins were said to be of a bigger size, and with a softer and weak tone, which was not favored by many violinists.

However, improvements were made to Amati's violins by his students, Stradivari and Guarneri. Both of them refined and recreated the new violin models which we saw today. Moreover, both of their violins also sounded louder and deeper than Amati's. The 'Il Cannone Guarnerius', which is famous violinist's Niccolo Paganini's prized asset, was praised by the violinist for its loud tone and volume. The Messiah Stradivarius, one of the most famous Strad, is widely praised for its quality and workmanship, though it has never been used for playing before.

Hence, we can really see that while Amati made the first ever violin in the world, it is his students, Stradivari and Guarneri who made the best violins for violin playing and collection.

The Best Violin In The World

Guarneri and Stradivari made the best violins in history, is it possible to determine which is a better violin maker among the two of them? I believe many violinists all over the world have come to discuss about their violins and while many opinions are shared, one couldn't complete the conclusion if one is better than the other.

Over the years, many sound tests and experiments have been conducted to test the sound quality between the two sets of violins. However, the results are often inconsistent, and to a great extent, a subjective measure.

While violin lovers around the world couldn't decide which violin is better, one conclusion that they have come together, is that the Stradivarius has a brighter sound, while the Guarerius has a darker tone. Both tones were favored by famous violinists now and then, and many have used these prized violins for performance.


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