Lost Sock Memorial Day

Lost Sock Memorial Day is held in memory of your favorite lost sock. This day recognizes that we all have favorite socks that are near and dear to our heart and when one goes missing we hang on the last one until the very end of time, in hopes that the other one will some how show up again. But does this day ever come? Where do all those missing socks disappear to? Does the washing machine eat them? This is one mystery that no one has ever found the answer to.

Because we hold on for dear life to our favorites, we end up with a drawer full of unmatched sock and missing socks. On this Lost Sock Memorial Day, we suggest that you gain the strength to look at all those socks with missing partners for the very last time and say "goodbye." Make one last ditch effort to search high and low for it's partner and then get on with it. Toss Them Out! You will always carry the memory of the times you wore those sock together, as a pair. You will always be able to reflect on how warm and cozy they were even with the holes in the heal. It's time to trash what's left and go shopping for new favorite pairs.