Weed Appreciation Day

March 28th is Weed Appreciation Day, a day reserved for honoring the lowly weed.

There are many qualities about weeds to appreciate. For instance, some weeds have medicinal value. Others are extremely nutritious food for humans, birds and insects. Weeds are pioneers in land restoration. Some weeds have even have given mankind some very great ideas for inventions.
This isn't a holiday like the Fourth of July, so a fireworks celebration is out of the question. There are some small ways to honor the weeds on Weed Appreciation Day. Just reading this page is a good start.

Whether you love them or hate them, weeds are powerful botanical pioneers, capable of restoring devastated lands that have been ravaged by nature or war. On the other hand, they are capable of taking over and destroying ecosystems.

For centuries, mankind has stomped, slashed, burned, and poisoned weeds. One of humanity's longest wars is and has been with these plants who were living peacefully on the land. Weeds have been ripped from their homes so that mankind could reclaim land for their own purposes.

This enormous foe, the weed, is so powerful that it has contributed to the development of a 15 billion dollar industry. Even if you hate weeds, you've got to appreciate that kind of power!