International Day for Achievers

International Day for Achievers is celebrated to pay tribute to achievers in any field for their outstanding achievements or achievement. These achievers can be Scientist, Doctor, Conservationist, Teacher, Social Worker etc. who have used their imagination and vision to ease or enhance the existence of humans. Anyone irrespective of age, caste, education, colour, sex etc. has done something innovative or unique in any sphere of life is honoured with cash, certificate, medal or other awards for recognising their efforts and encouraging other people to achieve high feats. In this way, International Day for Achievers serves many purposes – it inspires others, it gives fame to the achievers, achievers profit from their rewards, it provides a sense of purpose for pursuing worthy causes rather than the useless ones et al. International Day for Achievers bears terminological resemblance to ‘Achievers International’ which is an online enterprise project for students encouraging them to understand international trading. The day has been established to recognise all achievers who otherwise wouldn’t be even known. By organising this day the organisers ensure that the talent and feats of such individuals does go unnoticed. The world needs ‘Real Models’ rather than Famous Actors, Entertainers and their kin, majority of whom directly/indirectly influence the youth in pursuance of high materialistic pursuits and luxurious lifestyle.

No doubt, achievers can be from any field but then those who really need to be recognised will be left out. Achievers are unique people, who are determined, passionate, having faith and hope, positive bent of mind and all the essential qualities which make them stand out of the crowd. We are not born with these qualities, but our experiences and guidance from parents, teachers or any inspiring personality or happening which makes us a ‘Class, apart from others’. Achievers are not magicians, they are normal people who have stood for something they always believed in and never gave up. In the presence of achievers, one tends to become like them. The day sends a message all across the world that to achieve noble, you need to follow the basic principles of life on routine basis. Some of these principles which can make you achievers are: Learning, Discipline, Confidence, Humility, Kindness, Creativity, Adaptability and Commitment. No matter what you are, where you are, an achiever lies in you, you just to need to believe and follow it, whether you are recognised or not.

Events and Activities
- Students are awarded for their outstanding excellence in areas which are worthy of appreciation and applaud.
- Ordinary citizens performing extraordinary feats are felicitated and awarded by NGO’s and alike in a specially organised ceremony attended by dignitaries.
- Doctors, scientists, inventors, engineers may be awarded by their organisation for achieving milestones of acclaim.