Mario Day

In recognition of everyone’s favourite pizza-loving Nintendo character, take part in celebrating Mario Day. First appearing in Donkey Kong in 1981, Mario soon became not only the mascot for computer giant Nintendo, but also a worldwide sensation. The hugely successful Super Mario Bros. series, featuring Mario and his brother Luigi, defined the 1980’s and the 1990’s and Mario himself still remains one of the most adored, world-renowned computer heroes of all time.

This is a gamer holiday that is celebrated on march 10th because of the way the date appears, when abbreviated (Mar.10). It looks just like the name Mario.
Did you know?
- Mario, the Italian plumber, first appeared in Donkey Kong in 1981
- In 1983 Mario got his own game with his brother Luigi
- Mario is known as being the most famous video game character ever created
- Over 210 million copies of the Mario game series have been sold

So, gather your like-minded, Nintendo-loving friends, don your Mario t-shirts, order in some pizza and get those Nintendo games consoles, Gameboys and DS’s out for a whole day of Mario fun. You could even go one step further and host a Mario House Party! With plenty of ideas, games and activities to choose from, such as fancy dress parties and mushroom stomping competitions, you can be sure to make Mario Day a day to remember.