World Young Doctors' Day

Upon their graduation young doctors start a working life that is very interesting, challenging and rewarding; they can finally bring into practice what they have been studying for many years. Young doctors also have a fresh view of the healthcare system. They experience and question certain policies, processes and systems. Due to their often more dependent position in the healthcare system it is often challenging for young doctors to raise awareness on these issues and improve them.
World Young Doctors' Day was founded on 24 June 2011. Exactly two years later, on 24 June 2013, was held the first World Young Doctors' Day. This will be the start of an annual event, with the aim of initiating and catalyzing collaborative activities among young doctors and with other professionals and organizations working in healthcare.

World Young Doctors Organization (WYDO)
This dynamic not-for-profit organization is a place where young doctors from around the world and anyone with a passion for health can share experiences, opinions and ideas with each other and collaborate in order to help improve health in their community as well as in their daily working lives.