Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

Are you the person who spills the milk? Are you the person who knocks the dish off the counter and breaks it? Well my accident-prone friends today is your day. On Kitchen Klutzes of America Day it's ok to be klutzey. Yep that's right! If you broke a dish today then be creative and crafty. Pick up the pieces and glue them on something and have some fun. Maybe you could make yourself a mozaick picture, frame or flower pot. Either way just know that spills and breaks don't matter at all today. We are all good at cleaning up the messes in life right? Just enjoy yourself and if you see someone be clutzy in the kitchen today don't be mean by making them feel bad. Accidents happen all the time so live today on the lighter side of life.

What is a Klutz?
A klutz is a person who is clumsy, foolish, inept, or accident-prone. The term is perhaps derived from the Yiddish klots ('wooden beam'), cognate with the German Klotz, meaning a 'block' or 'lump'. The British slang, pillock and the Australian slang, galah are used with similar meaning, particularly in terms of being foolish and inept.