World Milk Day

On June 1st, the official World Milk Day is being celebrated around the world. The day gives an opportunity to draw attention to the benefits of drinking milk and to the whole milk industry.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) proposed the day to celebrate all aspects of milk and June 1 was chosen because a number of countries were already celebrating a national milk day on or around this time.
On this specific day all aspects of milk can be celebrated, and has since 2001 been highlighted in many countries all over the world. The number of countries and activities are increasing every year.

Milk is a great food source containing eighteen of the twenty-two nutrients needed on a daily basis.
Originally milk was only retrieved from cows but today many people in various countries have enjoyed the milk from sheep, camels, goats and even water buffalos.
Milk is also the number one liquid food that helps promote good bone health and teeth. It is a wonderful source of calcium and contains vitamins and minerals that aid in good nutrition.