Peru's Independence Day - Fiestas Patrias

The Fiestas Patrias peruanas, or Peruvian National Holidays, are celebrations of Peru's independence from the Spanish Empire. They officially consist of three days:

- June 24 is celebrated as Countrymans day
- July 28, in commemoration of Peru's independence won by José de San Martín.
- July 29, in honor of the Armed Forces and the National Police of Peru.
The celebration of Fiestas Patrias in Peru coincides with the vacation periods for the local schools as well as some businesses.

Along with Christmas, Fiestas Patrias is one of the most important celebrations of the year for Peruvians and it is normal for local businesses to generate as much revenue as in the month of December. Tourism tends to increase during these holidays with visitors coming to join in the celebrations.

The Peruvian independence was first declared in 1821 by the Argentine liberator, General Jose de San Martin but absolute independence was gained only in 1824. On the Independence Day of Peru, every citizen pays tribute to the great patriots like Tupic Amaru, Pumacahua, Aguilar, and Micaela Bastidas, for all the sacrifices they made in order to re-instate the country's independence.
The festivities in Peru begin with the president's speech to the nation, followed by hoisting of the flag, military parades, bullfights and fireworks. Besides, there are also exhibitions and fairs held on the Peruvian Independence Day, where national products and indigenous foods and crafts are displayed and sold. In various parts of Peru, the day is also celebrated with agricultural and livestock fairs.