Ugly Truck Day

If you are one of those folks who have special names for your vehicles, this annual holiday may be right up your alley. July 20th is Ugly Truck Day. Ugly Truck Day is also known as 'Ugly Truck Contest Day'.
Why shouldn't ugly pickup trucks get just as much attention as the shiny, new trucks get?
Well, a brand new, shiny, polished truck may be pretty on the outside, but the battle scars of an old, ugly truck are a true thing of beauty. You know the trucks we’re talking about – they’re covered with dents, dings, scratches, and plenty of rust. But those blemishes are a badge of honor, representing miles of faithful service and a job well done. All those marks show that the ugly truck is a survivor, withstanding time and the elements – even golf-ball sized hail.
Call them a classic, call them a beast, but if these ugly trucks could talk, they would have some wild stories to tell of their adventures on the open road. In fact, these ugly trucks have transported tons of goods and commodities in their time, bringing countless people the supplies they need for their everyday lives. The trucks may be ugly, but they sure are reliable – we count on them to cross thousands of miles to make on-time deliveries of food, medical supplies, and more.

The beauty comes from the hard work and service these old trucks have lent their owners and drivers through the years. That’s the kind of relationship you can build with your old, reliable truck!