Festival of Sleep Day

The Festival of Sleep Day was created for people that would like to get some 'shut eye' and relaxation after the holidays. After the Christmas shopping and present opening deadlines and the New Year celebrations, it's time to celebrate in 'Sleep Land'. Observe this wacky and unofficial holiday on January 3rd.

What, exactly, does the Festival of Sleep have to do with weight loss? Plenty.
Researchers have long known that sleep recharges the body as well as the mind. When exercising, obtaining enough sleep is vital to replenish your energy stores and rejuvenate you. It gives you the energy to face another day.
There is actually a physical change that occurs in our bodies when we don’t get enough sleep. Leptin is a hormone released by the brain that helps to control appetite and energy expenditure. When we don’t get enough sleep, our brains produce less leptin, which makes us feel hungry. Ultimately, this can lead to overeating and obesity, because when we’re that tired and hungry we just grab whatever we can get our hands on.
So make another New Year’s Resolution and celebrate the Festival of Sleep by making certain to get enough sleep. Research indicates that most adults need 6-8 hours each night.