Hot & Spicy International Food Day

Hot and spicy food has been a part of the human diet for over 6000 years. Many cultures use a variety of spices as staples in the diet. For example, cayenne pepper is a common spice used in Cajun, Thai, Russian, Tex Mex and Asian cuisines, just to name a few.
Besides the flavors that hot spices add to foods, there is also literature stating that hot and spicy foods can be good for killing bacteria in food. Garlic, oregano, onions and allspice are examples of bacteria-killing spices. It is believed that ancient cultures, especially those in hotter climates, adapted when they learned that foods high in spices allowed them to remain healthier than bland foods. While they probably did not understand the science behind this practice, they knew they lived longer than their predecessors. The practice of spicing food would be passed on to their children. It is now a common practice to season foods with spices, but because technology has advanced so that food is better preserved, people add spices because they enjoy the flavor of hot and spicy food.

To celebrate International Hot and Spicy Food Day, try a few hot peppers or hot sauces with your food.