Love Your Pet Day

Love Your Pet Day is celebrated every year on February 20, and it gives pet owners a chance to show their dog, cat, fish, turtle or any other pets you may have how much you really appreciate them. Of course we should show love and appreciation to our pets every day, but today is a celebration of all pets, so go do a bit more for your furry friends today.

If you love your pet, spend extra time with it on that day. Other ideas are: make it new toys, give it extra attention, let it sleep alongside you or give it a special treat.

If you’re not a pet owner, maybe you could adopt a pet today.

Keeping animals as pets may become detrimental to their health if certain requirements are not kept. An important issue is inappropriate feeding, which may produce clinical effects (like the consumption of chocolate. Passive smoking is dangerous for pets. Researchers have found that exposure to tobacco smoke has been associated with certain cancers in dogs and cats and allergies in dogs.

In some cases pets may also provide their owners with benefits, such as providing companionship to elderly adults who do not have adequate social interaction with other people. Walking a dog can provide both the owner and the dog with exercise, fresh air, and social interaction.