World Human Spirit Day

On World Human Spirit Day people all over the world are encouraged to take 2 minutes of silence at 3pm Eastern Time to meditate to find the true spirit of freedom and peace that lives within each of us.
This holiday was started by Michael Levy of Point of Life in 2003 to promote a human spirit that lives the creative, peaceful, loving life that it was meant to live.
People will sense a connection between each other when they go into the two minutes silence on Human Spirit Day. It will be a very powerful silent meditation and the more people that participate, the more powerful it becomes to bring about world peace and harmony.

Silence connects us to spirits meaningful forces and in the silence we are renewed and refreshed. If we allow the negative forces to engulf us and do not take authentic action when we can, we are held in bondage ... slaves to ideas, perceptions, beliefs and dogma that do not bring any lasting love and joy.