World Wildlife Conservation Day

World wildlife conservation is a global environmental movement that aims to preserve and protect the natural world and its inhabitants.
The world’s best loved species are being slaughtered by widespread and dangerous criminal networks. Driven by a voracious demand for illegal animal parts and products, the black market in wildlife rivals illegal arms and drugs. Increasingly, wildlife traffickers are the same kingpins involved in trafficking people and arms and narcotics.

Wildlife Conservation Day seeks to raise awareness about the detrimental security, economic, and environmental effects of wildlife poaching and trafficking; discourage consumer demand for products made from endangered species; and demonstrate efforts by citizens, activists, private corporations, and governments to bring an end to the illicit wildlife trade.

On December 4, 2012, the first time that World Wildlife Conservation Day was officially recognized around the world and calls on individuals around the globe to sign its Wildlife Pledge to respect and protect wild animals.

As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said,

'Protecting wildlife is a matter of protecting our planet's natural beauty. We see it's a stewardship responsibility for us and this generation and future generations to come. But it is also a national security issue, a public health issue, and an economic security issue.'