Roots Day

The holiday season is full of family functions and gatherings, so it’s the perfect time to celebrate your roots! Many people take their family history and ancestry for granted, and never take the time to learn about the struggles and triumphs of their ancestors and the history of their family name.

Roots Day comes right during the holiday season. Perhaps it’s a reminder that we should all slow down for a moment. Even during this busy time of year. Take some time to discover your own ancestry this December. You might be amazed by what you find.

It is our genealogy that makes us who we are today, so take the time to sit down with your older relatives and talk to them about the past. You may hear some funny stories and learn a few things about your family that you never knew before!

Another activity you can start today is the creation of a family tree.
There are many ways to learn about your ancestry. You can look for old documents, dig through faded photos and spend time researching in ancient cemeteries. One of the most exciting ways to unearth your past is by talking to people who already have amazing stories to share. They can help you populate your family tree with stories, pictures and heirlooms that can’t be found anywhere else.