Happiness Happens Day

Happiness Happens Day began in 1999 when the Secret Society of Happy People declared Aug. 8 to be Admit You're Happy Day. Though the day's name has changed since it first began, the holiday's mission remains the same: It's a day dedicated to happiness and to the optimism that can make it happen.

The Secret Society of Happy People believes happiness is contagious, so all happy people should share their joy. Others should listen to their cheery news and be careful not to say anything negative. According to the society's Web site, these are goals for the day that you should also strive for throughout August:
-Recognize and express happiness.
-Listen to others talk about happiness.
-Don't rain on other people's parades.

Most people tend to remember the bad things that happen, rather than the millions of ordinary good things that happen day after day. Happiness Happens Day, thanks to the folks at the Secret Society of Happy People, is a holiday decorated to the fact that good things happen as well as bad.

To celebrate Happiness Happens Day, take time to notice all the good things that happen to you, even the totally mundane happiness (the electricity that didn’t go out, the waitress that got your order right). Then, take it one step farther and start telling people about all these things that have made you happy today, rather than commiserating about your problems together. Try it!