Play in the Sand Day

It’s a beautiful summer, so take today off and go to the beach (or at least find yourself a sandbox). It’s Play in the Sand Day! So, whether you want to build a castle, bury a friend, write in it, or simply wiggle your toes in it, today’s the day.

-Visit a playground to observe children in sand boxes
-Visit the beach
-Host sand sculpture contest
-Bring in children’s pool filled with sand. Hide objects in the sand,have a treasure hunt
-Visit nearby sand dunes
-Visit the recreational vehicle store to l earn about available features on this fun equipment
-Invite people with four wheelers to building giving rides to residents
-Play volleyball
-Take a walk in the sand

Did you know:
-Sand is shell and rock that have been worn down by nature into tiny grains (that love to stick to your toes)!
-The typical peanut butter and jelly sandwich eaten on the beach contains over 7,000 grains of sand!
-Sand from islands or tropical sites have sand that is high in Calcium, since seashells are rich in Calcium and are broken down to form sand there.'
-The rocks, pebbles, and sand on the beach are sorted by the waves. They vary in size from large pebbles down to very small ones, and finally to sand, which is almost pure quartz.