World Party Day

World Party Day (P-Day) is celebrated every year on April 3 as a synchronized global mass celebration of a better world and the active creation of desirable reality.

World Party Day began as a grassroots effort in 1996 and was one of the first global efforts in a growing number of movements of synchronized human celebration to bring about improved social conditions. World Party Day (also P-Day) is observed yearly on (April 3) through personal and public observances of party-like atmosphere. A basic premises is that the opposite of war is not passive action or peace, but party.

The idea of a worldwide party appeared as a work of fiction in Flight, A Quantum Fiction Novel, by American writer Vanna Bonta. The trilogy's first book, published in 1995, ended with a countdown that was to take place on April 3, 2000, postulating that on that day the entire world would celebrate synchronously in elevated social awareness.

Fiction to reality
The idea was a basic premise of the new genre coined by the Flight novel, i.e., quantum fiction posits that human awareness participates in the creation of reality. The ending of the book, a fictional synchronized moment of global human allegiance and celebration to take place on an April 3, inspired some readers to begin organizing it as a real event, the World Party. Since 1996, the World Party Day gained in popularity, propagating via unprecedented global communication channels of the internet toward an anticipated April 3 P-Day, when the first World Party I (an opposite of World War I) will make history in which the entire world synchronizes in. if only a moment, of mass celebration and co-operative awareness.

Masses of people coordinating via the internet formed and connected with groups whose interests advocated similar ideals of peace and the application of human intelligence and resources toward humanitarian progress and positive endeavors. Party Day is also celebrated through a calendar week including April 3 as World Party Week.
Other alliances include groups with shared purpose, such as A Better World Project, which engage and supports the power of people's good ideas to effect change for a better world. On a local level, restaurants and food stores celebrate a World Party Day motto 'Pass the food, turn up the music' with food give-aways and sharing.

Worldwide phenomenon
A massive worldwide phenomenon now in progress involves millions of individuals, organizations and corporations around the world who are realizing a responsibility and ability to contribute positively to the collective future of humanity and Earth.

Social transformation
The internet, media and communication has accelerated one of the biggest social transformations in human history, facilitating the organization of global movements. This phenomenon now being charted observably involves an evolving awareness of human capability and individual responsibility to direct the future. Research has begun documenting and chronicling the emergence and meaning of social transformation.

The event does not require organized gathering and is celebrated by group and solitary observances. Reports of quiet dinners, solitude and large raves are on record as concurrent observances. Some observers coordinate for a synchronized world 'hum-in' at 3PM Eastern Standard Time. While not an official observance, a number of cities and regions in the United States, France, England, Germany, Austria, Italy, China, Korea, Vietnam, India, Africa, Istanbul, and Thailand have notable synchronized celebrations. Radio stations, internet communities and virtual reality chat rooms escalated the event with podcasts of 'World Party I.' Celebrations occur in every continent of the world, including the Middle East and Africa.

A growing number of schools worldwide observe the concept of World Party Day celebration to excite students with the promise of an interconnected world.John Stanford International School in Seattle, Washington implements observance of the global celebration as an educational event to create relationships and solve problems across borders of race, culture, and geography. The emerging view held by educators is that there is no better time than childhood to start cultivating a student's global consciousness.

The celebration has no religious or political ties and recognizes a 'universal human right to fun, peace and life.' The idealized objective is a global Party of all Parties where every person in the world is in synch no matter what they are doing, to appreciate, participate in and celebrate social existence. Via holiday slogans, greetings and mottos, Party is defined as the opposite of War.
Global podcasts in 2007 and 2008 featured a variety of music, the African Children's Choir, Hip Hop artists, and reading of the Flight series 'Declaration of Party.' Role playing and Second Life celebrations also occur in virtual reality and via 24-hour virtual Google+ Hangout parties. In 2012, the Tasmanian government contributed funding for a World Party Day event celebrating diversity, at which the Premier Lara Giddings spoke of the importance of an inclusive society that values cultural diversity and whose citizens treat each other with respect and compassion.
Events have been organized as dance parties, concerts, and meditations, however, the only mandatory observance is a synchronized mass awareness of the human right to enjoy life, and the display of regard, kindness and hospitality in a means of choice. Some public celebrations organize multicultural food and music events.
Since 2000, synchronized global events have escalated, such as The Quadrille Dance Parade, at which in 2007, its 7th year, 24,000 people danced at once. In 2006, 23,600 people danced simultaneously in a total of 36 cities.
Celebration also is observed quietly, whether alone or with family and friends or in virtual internet parties, there is solidarity through awareness with populations globally attending synchronous world celebration for social, violence-free life.

Celebratory practices
Observance of World Party Day recognizes peace and joyful expression as fundamental human rights, and celebration (party) as the opposite of war.
World Party Day is a synchronous internet and worldwide celebration. The focus of the event is on the enjoyment and respect of life and being alive. A variety of events include synchronized music broadcasts, synchronized singing, or quiet celebrations alone or with family and friends, hence the World Party Day motto 'Rock it or Bliss it.'
Some synchronize celebration through Samsung bada and Android World Party Day apps.
Through a variety of celebrations, the common focus is universal humanity, multicultural understanding, peace, well-being and joy as fundamental human rights, and recognition of the creative power of the individual to bring about reality in collective harmony with the entire human race. Classroom events share appreciation of different cultures by show-and-tell of food, music and art, and life as a productive, social activity.

Food and music
The concept predominates that at a party, people bring their best, wear their best, act their best, and 'pass the food and turn up the music.' Radio personalities endorsing World Party Day announce calls on the air to 'pass the food' through the World Food Programme, donating as little as twenty-five cents.
Radio stations, media, social media and online communities participating in World Party Day broadcast original and top artist songs themed with world unity, cooperation, peace and celebration.
Musicians release World Party Day DVDs and songs.

Radio and media
Radio stations celebrate World Party Day by organizing themed music play lists for April 3 P-Day. DJs participate in activism encouraging people to celebrate and be hospitable. Stations also announce calls for local musicians and international bands to submit original songs about World Party Day, to be featured on the air that day. Participating radio stations have read the official 'Declaration of Party', which is circulated globally in podcasts. Various media participate by running World Party Day streams.

Schools observe World Party Day with multicultural lessons, activities, and arts. Children read folktales from various cultures and nations, and sing harvest songs from around the world. An annual grant from the Seattle International Children's Festival, funded by the Washington State Arts Commission, sponsors artists who teach a spectrum of arts from all cultures, such as West African batik painting and Cuban Dance.
Whether observed individually in private, with family and friends, or at large events, the common denominator is an awareness of worldwide synchronous celebration. Through dance, song, rest, relaxation or cultural exchange, World Party Day is celebrated by directing human intelligence and hospitality to the creation of well-being, solutions, enjoyment, peace, and co-operation toward violence-free life.
Petitions circulate to world leaders requesting governments to officially declare the holiday with the objective of complete world participation every April 3, with everyone in the world having a party in their own way, where ever they are, and whether in a group or solo celebration.

Mottos, greetings, slogans
Whether attending a personal or public observance, a World Party Day custom observed by participants around the world is to photograph their celebrations with signs or placards and share images for unity. Many draw up and sign or announce a 'Declaration of Party'.
- 'Pass the food, Turn up the music.'
- 'Declare World Party I'
- 'Rock it or Bliss It'
- 'Party is the opposite of War.'
- 'Wage party!'
- 'P-Day Apr 3'
- 'Party has been declared.'
- 'Peace and joy are human rights.'

Synchronous celebrations
Since the first World Party Day in 2000, social recognition has been increasing exponentially with growing awareness of the power of collective thought and the intrinsic potential of individuals to make a difference, create reality and effect change toward positive conditions for humankind. The advent of unprecedented global communication through the internet has facilitated organized global cooperation worldwide. World Party Day celebrates the creative power of the individual in collective harmony with the entire human race.