International Moment of Laughter Day

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to laugh out loud in public? Well, get ready to do it again, because April 14 has been set aside to do just that!
Laughter is a potent and powerful way to deal with the difficulties of modern living. Since the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of laughter are widely accepted, this day is set aside for everyone to take the necessary time to experience the power of laughter.
In addition to spreading joy, laughter has many health benefits. Studies have shown that there is indeed some truth to the old saying, 'laughter is the best medicine.' Laughter can act as an antidote to pain, stress, and conflict. It also strengthens our immune systems, boosts circulation, and relaxes muscles.

You can celebrate by:

laughing out loud at the funny cards in a greeting card shop
calling a friend to share a funny story
getting naked, looking in the mirror and laughing
buying a 'laugh-box' in a joke shop and turning it on at work or at home
showing your baby pictures to someone who's never seen them
thinking up your own way to get someone else to laugh with you
or just laughing for no apparent reason at all.