International Tatting Day

This day has been celebrated for more than 44 years internationally.
People who tat on this day will have activities. The activities lean towards the educational side of this art. This day in April allows tatters to celebrate their hobby and introduce this hobby to others. They can celebrate the day by making tatted lace and eating chocolates.

Tatting is using a a needle or shuttle to create lace for garments, doilies, and other durable goods. Tatting laces is more delicate of work compared to crocheting this type of trim work for items.

Tatting dates back to the1800's and is an early way of making lace. There are three types of tatting:

1. shuttle tatting - this is using a shuttle to complete the loops and knots made in tatting.
2. needle tatting uses a needle instead of a shuttle and is used to edge fabric like hems and sleeves.
3. Cro-tatting uses a tatting needle that has a crochet hook on the end.

There are little picots or points to this lace which is part of the signature look of tatting. It's delicate and yet sturdy at the same time. Tatting is stronger and stiffer than conventional lace. It's the perfect delicate edging for hems and sleeves and yet it makes wonderful doilies and fanciful bookmarks. Before this lens is finished I think you will see how important it is to keep this tradition and hand craft from becoming extinct.

It is part of the heritage of the world. It's important and it needs to be kept alive for the sake of our children