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June 1

International Children's Day

World Milk Day

Global Day of Parents

June 2

Festa della Repubblica - Italian Republic Day

Telangana State Formation Day

Rocky Road Day

June 3

Repeat Day

Chimborazo Day

June 4

Hug Your Cat Day

First Polish Legislative Election, 1989

International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression

June 5

Grundlovsdag – Constitution Day (Denmark)

World Environment Day

June 6

Russian Language Day

Yo-Yo Day


June 7

Boone Day

June 8

World Brain Tumor Day

World Oceans Day

June 9

Donald Duck Day

June 10

Lidice Day

Dia de Portugal - Portugal Day

Ballpoint Pen Day

June 11

Kamehameha Day

The Extra-Terrestrial released

June 12

Helsinki Day (Helsinki-päivä)

Russia Day - Independence Day in Russia

Independence Day in Philippines (Araw ng Kasarinlan)

World Day Against Child Labour

June 13

Dia dos Namorados - Lovers Day

Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

June 14

Flag Day (United States)

World Blood Donor Day

June 15

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Worldwide Day of Giving

Nature Photography Day

Smile Power Day

Global Wind Day

June 16

International Day of the African Child

Soweto Uprising - Youth Day


June 17

International Violin Day

World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

June 18

World Wide Knit in Public Day (WWKiP Day)

World Juggling Day

International Sushi Day

International Panic Day

Autistic Pride Day

'Missing' neutrinos found

International Picnic Day

June 19

World Sickle Cell Day

Garfield the Cat Day

Father's Day

World Sauntering Day

June 20

International Ride to Work Day

Flag Day (Argentina)

Summer Solstice - 1st Day of Summer

World Refugee Day

June 21

International Pashto Language Day

World Handshake Day

World Humanist Day

World Hydrography Day

World Music Day

June 22

Stupid Guy Thing Day

June 23

International Widow's Day

International Olympic Day

United Nations Public Service Day

June 24

World Young Doctors' Day

Flying Saucer Day

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day

International Fairy Day

June 25

Global Beatles Day

Leon Day

International Day of the Seafarer

June 26

International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

June 27

Industrial Workers of The World Day

June 28

International Body Piercing Day

Insurance Awareness Day

June 29

Camera Day

June 30

Superman's Birthday

Asteroid Day

Meteor Day

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