One Voice Day 2021 July 26

One Voice Day 2021: July 26

‘One Voice Day’ is a global initiative to unite all countries of the world in the reading of the Universal Peace Covenant at exactly 1 p.m. CDT on July 26 each year.

The Universal Peace Covenant is a 577-word pledge and plea to bring families, countries and the world together in a peaceful co-existence despite our constantly changing world.

Individuals and groups in all parts of the world unite spiritually to declare their commitment to global peace. To learn more about one voice day, Keepincalendar put together everything you need to know.

History Of One Voice Day

History Of One Voice Day

One Voice Day was created from October 1996 to April 1997. It is the result of spiritual collaboration. People from all walks and religions joined forces to create One Voice Day. They also had diverse occupations and religious beliefs.

One Voice Day

The 577-word Covenant contains timeless wisdom that can be used as a guide to living peacefully in a constantly changing world. The Covenant can be shared with others around the globe.

How to celebrate #onevoiceday

  • Share the peace document and celebrate. You can be peaceful throughout the day and perhaps let go of any grudges and anything that might keep you and your friend or family member apart.

How to celebrate #onevoiceday

  • The Peace covenant can be found in many languages and is widely read around the globe.

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