World Snake Day 2021 July 16

World Snake Day 2021: July 16

July 16, observed as World Snake Day, is an ideal occasion to know and understand many things about these carnivorous reptiles, which are on the path of extinction mainly because of the myths and superstitions surrounding them.

Did you know that there are more than 3,5000 species of snake around the world? Because of this, it is not going to be a challenge for you to find a snake that fascinates you and interests you that you may not have heard of before, even if you are interested in snakes. To learn more about world snake day, Keepincalendar put together everything you need to know.

Learn About World Snake Day

Snakes are one of several groups of reptiles. They have long, slender bodies, no legs, no eyelids, no ears, and are covered in back-folded skin sections called scales. Like other reptiles, they use their surrounding heat to regulate their body temperature.

Learn About World Snake Day

Snakes’ flexible bodies allow them to stretch out to warm themselves, curl up to conserve body heat or warm a particular part of their bodies. They are found on land and in water, as well as in every habitat imaginable, except where it is very cold.

Due to urbanization and the generally bad impression the public has of snakes, snakes have been dying off at alarming numbers. Snakes losing their habitat often find new snake dens in gardens, chicken pens, or basements.

This puts snakes in danger of coming into contact with humans as almost all such encounters will result in the snakes being killed on sight. There have been instances where snakes ‘trespass’ on human habitations, causing some destruction and having their heads smashed off as a result.

Vigilante such as this can be avoided if people are more aware of snake behaviors. The consensus is fear. People kill to protect themselves from what they see as threats.

Despite appearances, snakes are quite harmless. Most snakes are not venomous and would escape rather than attack when confronted with humans.


Snakes are vital in controlling crops damaging prey such as rats and mice. Some, like the sea snakes and pythons, are caught extensively as food in Asia but, although most are probably edible, snakes are not widely hunted for their meat.

Their skin, though is used widely for belts, bags, and shoes. Venom is removed from snakes for use in treating certain diseases and to make antivenin for snakebites.

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How to celebrate World Snake Day

Perhaps you have thought about owning a pet snake? Snakes might not be the ideal pet for everybody, but if you’ve got it in you to have the challenge to possess and take care of a pet snake, then World Snake Day might be the opportunity to make this choice.

How to celebrate World Snake Day

Otherwise, but you can benefit from the day to find out more about these fantastic creatures. Here are some exciting facts That Will Help You accomplish that:

Where do snakes live?

Snakes can be found in every continent except Antarctica in the ocean, woods, deserts, prairies, as well as your garden or garage.

What do snakes eat?

Snakes consume lots of different animals such as insects, little rodents, and cows. Snakes swallow their prey whole due to their lower jaw might separate from the upper jaw. Very massive snakes may even eat modest deer, pigs, monkeys, and even primates.

How do snakes behave?

Snakes trust the environment to control their body temperature. They spend as long in the hot sunshine as they want to to get warm, and if they become too hot, they find shade too cool. They’re usually not competitive unless they’re searching or feel as they should defend themselves. They lose their skin to six times per year.

How do they defend themselves?

Snakes utilize several methods to shield themselves, such as biting, itching, and envenoming those they believe threaten them. Sometimes they float up into a tight ball to hopefully avoid being viewed.

Why are some snakes endangered?

Fortunately, snakes are not widely hunted, but their numbers are still declining due to deforestation and climate change, causing the deterioration of their habitats and a declining amount of available prey.

As mentioned earlier, there are many different species of snakes, and so you can spend some time learning about them and their various qualities and features. For example, the Barbados thread snake is the smallest in the world.

Why are some snakes endangered

This serpent is smaller than a nightcrawler, coming in at just approximately four inches. Concerning the heaviest snake, this honor goes into the green Anaconda. The reticulated python is the longest snake on the planet. Should you invest time doing a little bit of studying, we’re confident you will be fascinated with all the outcomes.

You may spend some time viewing movies that derive from snakes. There are many different films whereby snakes play a significant part, including Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Snakes on a Plane, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The most well-known snake movie is Anaconda. Many significant deaths have happened in cinema at the hand of snakes. However, this is undoubtedly the best. In case you haven’t seen this movie before, now’s the best time to see it!

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